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Amy Chouinard, MA, LCMHC


Welcome to Perinatal & Women's Mental Health Counseling, an independent and private clinical therapy practice operated by Amy Chouinard, a NH Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

Amy has shared a deep passion for mother and infant health and wellness since she was very young, being the youngest volunteer to assist in a local community crisis pregnancy center while in high school. She began her counseling career working with teens. As her family grew, so did her original passion. She is devoted to help a woman's transition into motherhood; to develop new skills, to enhance personal growth, and to increase insight, awareness and self-understanding. 

     In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Amy is a certified School Counselor, is credentialed as a National Certified Counselor, and holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Counseling. She has been trained by Karen Kleiman, founder of the Postpartum Stress Center and Author of many books including "This Isn't What I Expected: Overcoming Postpartum Depression." 

     Amy serves as an Executive Member of the Postpartum Stress Center's Council for Advanced Clinical Practice. She has also trained and has been certified by Alice Domar of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health for Infertility.  Amy serves as a member of the Elliot Hospital's Postpartum Task Force Committee and the NH State Postpartum Alliance Committee.


Meghan Santos, MSW, LICSW

     Meghan is a 2003 graduate of Boston University School of Social Work. She is a licensed social worker and has worked in mental health, both as a clinician and as a researcher, for over 15 years. Meghan became passionate about working with women during very important life transitions on her own journey to becoming a mother. She believes in the importance of honoring and supporting the well-being of women as they navigate the emotions and stressor's that frequently accompany these transitions.

     Meghan completed the Maternal Mental Health Certificate with Postpartum International and utilizes cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and positive psychology techniques in her work.  

Jessica Turgeon, MS, LCMHC

     Jessica has worked with children, adolescents, and adults with psychiatric and developmental disabilities and their families since 1999.  She is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University and is a board certified Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.  Jessica's therapeutic approach begins with building a therapeutic relationship and alliance with her clients, creating a safe and nurturing environment where the fear of judgement is reduced and her clients can feel safe to process and grow from their personal life experiences. 

     Jessica practices with a mission to look beyond presenting symptoms and diagnosis, using ones strengths to help develop stronger coping strategies, perspective, and self exploration.  She has extensive experience working with children and adolescents and has professionally grown to work with women and families who are experiencing transitions to parenthood.  

     Jessica's therapeutic experiences includes trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, self-esteem and mood related disorders, anger and explosive disorders, school and social anxiety and depression, suicidal and self-harm behaviors, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Gender Identity Disorders.  She has experience working in various settings including intensive in-patient, residential, and intensive home-based  settings in collaboration with DCYF (Division of Children, Youth and Families) and DJJS (Division of Juvenile Justice System), as well as intensive outpatient office based and school based settings.  Her treatment based modules included Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Supportive and Familial Based Therapy, Relaxation and Mindfulness Therapy, Crisis Stabilization, Clinical Case Management, and 14 years of post-graduate clinical and intake experience.  

Kate Ledoux, MA, NBCC, Licensing Candidate

      Kate is a 2006 graduate of Rivier College with a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  She has extensive experience working with adolescents, young adults, and families.  Her therapeutic expertise includes anxiety, depression, ADHD, LGBTQ, substance abuse, and school related issues.  Kate has extensively worked in the school setting providing mental health counseling in special education programs, adolescent substance abuse treatment programs, and providing community counseling and support.  

     Kate's therapeutic approach is holistic and solution focused.  She has an excellent rapport with adolescents and has the ability to challenge their limits of comfortability,  find appropriate balance in their life, reduce stress, and mature through adolescents in a productive way.  

Lesley Wotton, MA, LCMHC

     Lesley is a graduate of Springfield College and is a New Hampshire Board Certified Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  She was the Executive Director of a Pregnancy Care Center for 6 years and worked with numerous families in regards to pregnancy, pregnancy loss, infant and child development, parenting and grief.  She currently teaches a Child Impact Class for the State of New Hampshire, with a focus on Co-Parenting. 

     Lesley’s therapeutic approach is person-centered.  She firmly believes that people have innate strengths and the capability to grow and change, as they desire.  She believes in building resilience through harnessing that strength, learning positive coping strategies, and providing time and space for growth and healing.  

     Lesley has a broad range of experience with a varied age range; she has worked across the developmental spectrum, from young children to adults.  Her therapy experience includes: anxiety, depression, personality disorders, grief, parenting, trauma, and self-esteem. She has a wide range of therapeutic techniques including: Trauma-Focused Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Person-Center Therapy, and Narrative Therapy.  


Therapy Session - 45 or 60 minutes

**some insurance companies only allow 45 min sessions**

Cammy Adler-Roth, LICSW, CCLS​

Cammy is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Certified Child Life Specialist.  She has spent her career helping children and adults navigate difficult life transitions, particularly those surrounding issues of grief and loss. In medical settings, Cammy has worked to support families in scenarios ranging from the routine to end-of-life. For the last 6 years she managed a children’s grief program at a large hospice supporting all members of a family before, during, and after a loss.

     As she entered her own journey into motherhood, Cammy observed the many similarities that accompany the beginning and end stages of life; loss of control, finding one’s new sense of self, balancing feelings of hope and despair. All this within a system that isn’t designed to support new or aspiring parents. So often, the unique needs of a person are overlooked as they navigate the ups and downs of the perinatal journey. Many of us struggle to find or utilize our “villages of support”.

     Cammy has a gentle, inclusive, and relational approach. Her goal is to empower clients to find trust in their own ability to make choices that honor their unique selves through a non-pathologizing and supportive environment that validates each client's lived experience. 

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