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Job Description

Mental Health Counselor   

Contractor In-person/Hybrid

Position Overview

The role of the Licensed Therapist will be to perform mental health counseling services for clients of Perinatal & Women's Mental Health Counseling, PLLC via HIPPA compliant video and in-person appointments. Responsibilities include providing reliable and consistent care and management of a caseload, timely completion of client notes, development of treatment plans, adherence to patient confidentiality guidelines, retention of clients, maintaining excellent ethical standards and appropriate clinical boundaries.



  • Conduct intake evaluations

  • Make diagnosis

  • Implement, follow. and update treatment plans

  • Monitor client progress

  • Maintain clinical case and contact notes

  • Communicate with client's treatment team as necessary

  • Provide a safe, non-violent, and healing therapeutic environment for clients

  • Perform only within one's scope of practice

  • Recommend and make referrals as necessary

  • Follow HIPPA and Patient Health Information privacy and confidentiality standards

  • Provide reliable and consistent care to clients

  • Schedule and reschedule one's own client appointments

  • Respond to email and phone calls from clients and colleagues

  • Maintain weekly reporting of completed client sessions to Clinical Director

  • Maintain a positive work environment alongside colleagues

  • Stay in touch on an ongoing basis with Clinical Director regarding client updates including continuity of care, change of insurance, payment concerns, missed appointments, or client concerns regarding care or business practices.

Human Resources
  • Follow practice policies set forth in the Employee Handbook

  • Remain current with licensure requirements and renewals as required by the NH or MA Boards of Mental Health

  • Maintain Liability Insurance with 1M/3M minimum

  • Notify Clinical Director of absenteeism requiring cancellation of client appointments

  • Ensure exceptional professional standing and communicate with Clinical Director of any claims or findings including ethical complaints, investigations, or inquiries and license malpractice, suspension, probation or revocation.

  • Ensure Credentialing database is attested

  • Comply with all legal, ethical and professional standards set by law, regulation, peer review committee or applicable code of ethics

  • Reliable internet connection and distraction-free work environment

Educational and Experiental Requirements

  • Master's Degree in clinical mental health counseling or social work

  • Current NH board of mental health license to practice

  • Experience and/or passion for working with perinatal women's mental health

  • Prior experience or internship working in an outpatient mental health setting

  • Self-Driven and motivated

  • Highest integrity and standards

  • Proactive and resourceful

  • Autonomous with tasks but connected to the team

  • Passionate and willing to expand therapeutic knowledge and expertise

  • Creative, innovative, attuned and flexible

  • Exceptional boundaries and ethical standards

Expected Accomplishments

  • Less than 10% of caseload cancelling or no-show

  • Treatment plans completed within one week of initial session

  • Consistently improved client satisfaction rate (specific goal to be determined)

  • Maintain a retention rate of 80% or more 

  • Respond to client communication via phone and email within 24hrs.

  • Complete client intake evaluations, progress notes and contact notes within 48hrs.

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